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Come along as I share my journey back to life.

Hello! I’m Jacq (Jacqueline): Entrepreneur. Foodie. Accidental vegan. Planner Junkie. Maker. Lover of home decor/design. Army Mom. Teen girl Mom. Mom of an angel (8/30/07). #Superhero. That’s me. Just a quirky girl over here to share my version of real insight on living a joyful fit life, personal development, and inspire you to design a fit life that you love. I am so glad you stopped by my little spot on the block.

I created Fit360 to share my ever evolving, transformative fitness journey while giving women the inspiration to design + embrace + + live joyful fit lives with moxie and umph! 


Fit360 is all about balance. Quite simply, living within a 360° mindset acknowledges that our lives should be more than just physically fit. Spiritual, mental, and emotional fitness are equally important. While we’re at it, let’s toss in relational and financial fitness. Herein you can find inspiration to aid you in living your 360° best life one recipe, workout, DIY, book, wow! moment, and occasional life lesson at a time.


Fit360 How it All Started


My Story

On October 12, 2016, while on my way for my afternoon weight training workout, I was in an automobile accident that has changed my life as I knew it. After months of trying to heal, it became clear that I needed surgery on my cervical spine. My first surgery ever. Talk about go hard or go home! I had a two level ACDF (anterior cervical disectomy & fusion levels 4-6) in May 2017. Translation: the surgeon removed what was pressing against my spine and fused two levels of my spinal column together with a plate. Followed by a surgery to “defrost” my frozen shoulder (arthroscopy with MUA).

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Now I sport a “nice” little zipper like scar on my neck. As I recover and try to get back as much of my life as possible, I’m learning to adapt and accept my new normal. My reimagined life. Chronic pain in neck, upper back, and shoulders, headaches, nerve pain in my arm… I work every day to improve the range of motion in my neck and shoulder and regain strength. It’s a slow go. Sheesh! 

Nonetheless, onward I trudge. This blog is my little journal, of sorts, documenting this leg of my recovery. I’ll chronicle my recovery and pursuit of a Fit360 life while balancing motherhood and career; adjusting to a plant-based lifestyle and living my reimagined life with vigor and a smile every. damn. day.

5 Things About Me

  1.   My ACDF surgery was my first surgery…ever.
  2.   I chose a plant-based diet to detox from #1 and aide my body in recovering.
  3.   I really like coffee. Well, more like a little coffee with my creamer and sugar.
  4.   I am an extroverted introvert.
  5.   I am a believer saved by grace. Abba’s daughter.

Anywho, thanks again for coming through. Let me know if you’re a fellow #zipperneck or new to eating a plant-based diet or you just want to connect. A journey of a thousand miles is better with company! 

Thank you for being here. 

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